everyday be listening to 90’s music!

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Behind the Scenes of The Golden Echo Photoshoot [1/2]

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Behind the Scenes of The Golden Echo Phototshoot [2/2]

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Anônimo: And I thought I was the only lesbian kimbra fan


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…a change is in the air…. tick tock…”

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Photos from opening night of ‘The Golden Electric Tour’

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caricatures of some rad ladies for fun. from left to right, top to bottom: jenn im, kimbra, beyonce, nicki minaj. 

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Hope you guys like my duct tape version of the drawing (left)

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Star so light and star so bright
First star i see tonight!
Star so light and star so bright
Keep him by side!

- Settle Down

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eathecakeannamae: follow for a follow?

of course!

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Never ending list of flawless people →  Kimbra

↳ "Music is an outlet for me to ask a lot of questions about my inner journey and significance and general questions that I have being human. It’s a chance for me to tap into magic, the psychedelic and literal things that I get inspired by like film, Disney movies, artists and painters. Music is a chance for me to escape and get stuck in a little world and I get inspired by people that do that with their own art."

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I started writing songs when I was 10. It was a natural way to express myself as a kid. It wasn’t until I started listening to jazz, joined the choir and picked up a guitar that my little hobby became something far more serious.

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